The Weekly Mashup

Perhaps you were one of the five people surprised by American Idol's press announcement Thursday. Maybe you've had your fingers crossed for the Verizon iPhone.

In that case, this week's headlines may be of interest for you.

As Idol heads into its last guaranteed culturally-relevant season, Sesame Street yanks a Katy Perry appearance ahead of its season premiere, and Blockbuster (finally) files for bankruptcy, it was a week of few surprises. But in case you missed it, we've got the stories and headlines that dominated web searches and trending topics!

Here is your weekly MashUp for the week ending September 24, 2010!

BlackBerry to Launch Tablet Computer

Fox Officially Announces Steven Tyler and J.Lo as New Judges

Teen Receives 21,000 Facebook RSVPs for Birthday Party

Ellen: Wife's Legal Name Changed to Portia DeGeneres

Google Says Internet Freedom is Declining

US Album Sales Recover Slightly After 19-Year Lows

Australian Teen Reveals Twitter Glitch, Takes Blame for Chaos

NBC's "The Event" Debuts with 11 Million Viewers

Bruno Mars Finally Lands at No. 1 on Hot 100

Mr. Colbert Goes to Washington...Good or Bad?

Irony: Blockbuster Files for Bankruptcy; Netflix Expands

Jurassic Park: The Musical Makes VH1's Best Week Ever

Target to Start Carrying iPad in Stores

In Theaters Now...Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, You Again

Citi Bank CEO Getting Raise from $1 Salary

Ideas for Celebrating Banned Books Week

PlayStation 3 Can Now Play 3D Blu-Ray

NBC Chief Jeff Zucker Leaving Network

Facebook Making FarmVille Less Annoying

1.4 Millions Would Switch from AT&T to Verizon

James Blunt Checking into Facebook Places

Verizon CEO Kills iPhone Speculation

Adobe Releases Video-Editing Software for Mac

Wal-mart Gets Aggressive, Reverts Back to Smaller Stores

Amazon Spruces Up Kindle Android App

Flat-screen TV Prices Getting Dirt Cheap for Christmas

Joaquin Phoenix Explains Hoax to Letterman

Jon Stewart Says He's Saddened by President Obama

Katy Perry's Sesame Street Video Canceled Upon Backlash

Lupe Fiasco and Fans to Protest Record Label

More Bumps in Road for Apple Ping: No Facebook Integration

Myspace Melts Down with Music

The Weekly Mashup

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In case you were on a vacation from the Internet this week, we've got you covered.

It's the weekend, baby. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the recap of all the stories that made ripples and waves over the last seven days!

From Oprah's Australian Adventure to a week without Facebook, this is your MashUp for the week ending September 18, 2010

Variance Magazine Announces Goo Goo Dolls as October Cover Story

Eminem, Jay-Z Bring Fans to Tears in Epic Stadium Show

Lady Gaga Sweeps the VMAs, Nabs Top Award

Twitter Gets Major Overhaul, Millions Waiting for New Features to Be Activated

Oprah Kicks Off Final Season with Bang, Taking Audience Members to Australia

Facebook CEO Zuckerburg Confesses to Controversial Instant Messages

Google to Combine Music Store with Online Storage

OnStar to Connect with Text Messages and Facebook Statuses

Music Shake-up at Warner Bros. as Top Exec Leaves

FCC to Pave Way for "Super Wi-Fi"

Starbucks Menu Changes Cause Stir

New in Theaters: The Town, Easy A, Devil, Never Let Me Go

Joaquin Phoenix "Documentary" is Not Real

Wal-Mart Announces Cheap Cell Phone Plans

Google to Make Core Products More Social

T-Mobile Sued for Blocking Pot-Related Text Messages

Barnes & Noble Expects $1 Billion Revenue from eBook Sales by 2013

Wildly Popular Music Service Spotify U.S. Launch May be Delayed Again

Kings of Leon Don't Want to Be "Too Popular"

President Obama Writes a Children's Book

Ellen DeGeneres Signs Second Artist to Her Label

UK Teen Banned from America After E-mailing Obama

Penn. College Tries Week Without Social Media

Android Gains Market Share on Competition

Goo Goo Dolls Talk Big Dreams

Formed during a time when American youth were adamantly rejecting everything about pop culture, the Goo Goo Dolls started with hopes of killing time and perhaps getting a few free beers. Having 13 Top 10 singles—something they later achieved—was nowhere in sight.

For many, this is how they see the Goo Goo Dolls: top ten singles, global tours, 10 million albums sold, and a lengthy career. But as front man Johnny Rzeznik points out, “you have to look at the facts.”

“We had been working for eight years [before ‘Name’ charted],” says Rzeznik in the October issue of Variance Magazine. “We traveled around in a crappy van before we actually hit.”

Nearly 25 years later, the Goo Goo Dolls are still just "regular" people. “We still take the trash out on Wednesday nights. We try to have as normal lives as possible. And I think that’s one of the things that’s held us together."

Perhaps that’s the reason many fans relate to the band. And it’s also one of the elements behind the new album.

“I think the Rest of Us is the most of us,” Rzeznik declares of their latest project,Something for the Rest of Us. “I think a lot of people are left out of the equation today. And we wanted to give them a voice. We're living in a tough time.”

In the latest issue of Variance, Rzeznik shares some heartfelt advice for other musicians who may be following in his footsteps, as well as the "biggest mistake" he ever made and his thoughts on the YouTube generation and changes in the music industry.