Carlotta Kohl

"Some days feel like they won't get any better." At least that's what singer John K says on his intoxicating new single "Something Worth Working On," which is out today.

The breathtaking new song is reflective of a romance at a make-or-break moment, with the emotional lyrics stemming from the high-stakes situation of such a crossroads. According to the singer-songwriter, the confessional lyrics were partly inspired by text messages with his wife.

"But all the nights we spent losing our minds together don’t mean that it’s wrong, it means we’ve got something worth working on," he declares on the track, which is our latest "Big Obsession."

"I was heading to a writing camp, and I was leaving my wife and newborn son for the first time," he explains. "We got into an argument before I left, which continued via text, but before I landed, she threw me a lifeline and waved the white flag—even though I probably should’ve been the one to. Noticing her grace in that moment, I told her I loved her and said, ‘We have something worth working on.’"

He continues: "I told the story to my co-writers. In no time, we fully explored what ‘something worth working on’ meant. So often we are told that fighting is a sign of an unhealthy relationship—and though sometimes that’s true. I really believe that sometimes the fight is what makes the relationship real.”

The song arrives Friday alongside a stirring video directed by John K's frequent collaborator Erik Rojas. And it comes as the singer last month wrapped a stint opening for OneRepublic's North American tour.

Check out the new song below.