Photo courtesy artist

Emerging singer Jessie Murph has us captivating with her latest single "How Could You," which arrived on Friday. And it's our latest Big Obsession because we can't put it down.

The cathartic new offering is a gripping and very personal document from the 18-year-old artist, who drew inspiration from a jarring recent experience and has written the new song as a safe space for those listening to it.

"‘How Could You’ is the most honest and vulnerable song I’ve ever released—let alone ever written," confesses Murph. "I wrote it about a traumatic experience I had about a year ago. To me, this song is what making music is all about. Not only has writing and releasing this song been incredibly therapeutic for me personally, but seeing other people share their experiences, good or bad, that make this song relatable and therapeutic to them is truly the greatest gift I could ask for.”

The new song comes as Murph is coming off a recent stint opening for Sasha Alex Sloan on tour and she's expected to continue releasing new music in the coming months.

Check out "How Could You" now.