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Irish duo PRiiCE has quickly become a Variance favorite over the past few months, following their strong debut with their single "Sunflower" back in July.

The duo, made up of brothers Sean and Conor Price, made this new leg of their musical journey official earlier this month when they released their debut mixtape, simply titled 44. Their track "Kingsize" premiered on Variance ahead of the full project's release, and now the duo is chatting with us to talk about the inspiration, their influences, their bucket list and what's next on the horizon.

To listen to their 44 mixtape, hear it below in addition to their Q+A.

First of all, congrats on the release of 44. What does 44 mean? And how does it feel like to have this mixtape out?

It feels so good to have this mixtape out. 44 is a number that we’ve carried with us over the last few years and it has always been a bit of an in joke for us. This mixtape feels like a place that we’ve been trying to get to for a while now and it’s a culmination of the last few years, that’s why it only felt right to make the mixtape 44.

You guys have had success previously. Do you see this new project as a chance to start over or wipe the slate clean, or is it just the natural next phase of your career?

This project is definitely the natural next phase of our career. We are making music that we love with no expectations and having lots of fun doing it.

Out of curiosity, can you explain the spelling of “PRiiCE”?

We kind of like to think of the two i’s in PRiiCE as the two of us, because they look a bit like little stick people.

We were set on using ‘price’ for a long time but when we thought of the current spelling it felt like a bit of a breakthrough for us.

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Obviously, there are the comparisons to Easy Life, Still Woozy, etc. But who else would you consider to be inspiration?

We’re inspired by so many different artists!! I think this project particularly was inspired a lot by artists like Rejjie Snow, Disclosure and just music that we listen to daily.

If given the chance, would you collaborate with any other artists? Who would it be?

Absolutely! We’d love to collaborate with artists/producers like Kenny Beats, Guy Lawrence, Arlo Parks or Rejjie Snow.

What are you guys working on currently?

We’re currently working on new music. We have lots of stuff written so we’re trying to figure out what direction and sound feels right to take on next.

What is one thing on your bucket list you hope to accomplish over the next couple years?

A headline show is definitely on that list! We want to be still making music that we love and are passionate about and hopefully have found some more people who are passionate about it too.

Now that 44 is out, what is the game plan? What comes next?

There’s no sign of slowing down for us anytime soon. There will definitely be more new music in the new year and maybe even a little bit before that. We want to get in front of as many people as we can and get gigging over the next year so keep an eye on what we’re doing. ■