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Known not only for her genuine and candid persona, singer-songwriter Andie Case delivers an ode to empowering all women in her newest single and video “I Think I’m God.” To further the meaning behind the song she states:

"The song 'I Think I’m God' is all about self-empowerment. Sometimes we can’t be the person that we dream to be right away or even our best self from day-to-day. It’s hard to love yourself on the bad days. This song is something to listen to remind you who tf you are and hopefully be a step into climbing out of whatever hole you’re in. Everyone should feel like their own god!" 

Whether she’s covering a song or showcasing her original work, Seattle’s very own never fails to capture a set of ears to gravitate towards her vocals whether she’s covering a range of genres from a vast amount of decades in music from yesterday to today’s hits. To showcase her original piece, Case not only acknowledges the women who are empowered, but those who may be looking or may need a certain motive to feel a sense of self-reliance. To learn more about her new single, video, and plans for 2022 she sits down with Variance’s Ethan Ijumba to learn more about her ambitions for the future.

Ethan Ijumba: Your latest single and video “I Think I’m God” is about self-empowerment and seizing the day as the best version of yourself. When did you write it and what was the catalyst?

Andie Case: I wrote "ITIG" summer of 2020 when everything felt heavy af I think for everyone. I was playing guitar on the floor of my closet feeling lower than I ever have and I just hated it. I had a little self epiphany that I tend to lead towards extremes. I either think I deserve the world or the opposite and I don’t deserve to be here and I just got tired of feeling so helpless. I wanted to write something that would remind me of my worth and those lyrics “sometimes when I get high.. I think I’m god” just kinda came out. So I guess the catalyst was just me being tired of feeling sad. 

EI: What was the original plan for the music video? Was there a specific idea or inspiration behind the visuals that you had for it?

IT DID! The idea was always to shoot in what looked like a church and find dark and colorful ways with cool visuals to express my issues with religion. Once the director Andy Oceans and I got on the phone and started throwing ideas, it all just kind of took off! I loved how much Andy wanted me to be connected to every visual and every part of the story. From licking men's faces in the podiums to having my bad bitches take all the men’s money during offering or dancing on a coffin to symbolize the death of my old self!  Andy did such an amazing job at capturing moments symbolizing women taking their power from the church! I’m really proud of it and what we created! 

EI: Having to face and see the treatment, judgment, and abuse that women receive daily, what type of impact do you hope this song will have on those that listen to it?

AC: I hope this song will make whoever is listening feel like they have control and all the power in their life. I hope they hear it and realize they deserve whatever they desire! There are always reasons why we can’t do the things that we want or be the person that we want but it’s so often based on fear. Life does a really good job at scaring you from living it and I want to make everyone feel fearless after hearing this song. Be delusional, be your own god, take your power back!

EI: To go along with that, this month is Women's History Month. Are there any specific important female figures you’ve looked up to that influenced you in life?

AC: Oprah Winfrey, Malala Yousafzai, Beyoncé, Madonna, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Katherine Hepburn, Rihanna, Stevie Nicks, Amy Winehouse, Keke Palmer, Natalie Portman, Lizzo, Jane Austin.

Just to name a few! I love learning about these women’s resilience through so many struggles, trials, and tribulations. Navigating through all the bs that comes with being a woman. Their art alone was incredible to see as I was growing up but then to learn how they were able to keep fighting when the world said no, taught me so much about strength. Just because the world wants you to be quiet doesn’t mean you have to listen. I don’t know where I would be without women. 

EI: With this being your first release of 2022, what plans and expectations have you set for yourself to achieve? 

AC: After this release, the next plan is touring! I’ve just announced a few east coast shows in April! Getting back on the road feels surreal! After that, I’ve planned studio time in Nashville this summer to finish writing and recording my debut album! Finish an album and tour! Those are the goals!! 

EI: Fans of yours know that your discography not only features well-received covers but powerful original music. When it comes to composing your content versus creating your rendition of a song, how do you approach each process differently?

AC: When it comes to writing my own music, it’s really based on my inspiration or what I’m going through at that time. It’s honest and messy. It always starts with a voice memo or random lyrics in my notes! Sometimes I’ll write a whole song just on my notes and then work on melodies with my band then it’s off to produce! When I’m deciding on a cover, I’m picking my favorite song either because I’m a fan or because the song is saying everything I wish I knew how to do! Either way, I’m an emotional lil b and everything I put out is a direct string to my heart!

EI: Your covers of Demi Lovato, a-ha, and Ariana Grande songs out there, do you have a list of songs you’d ultimately love to cover down the line?

AC: Thank you! I definitely have plenty more songs I’d love to cover! Anything by the Beatles, the used, Rihanna, foo fighters, Aretha Franklin, Tom Petty, Beyoncé, maybe some Metallica 

Just to name a few! There's too many good songs out there that deserve all the love and attention so I def have a list I’m constantly adding to that I’m planning to cover either online or for a show! 

EI: Being outspoken and being genuinely yourself have been key characteristics of who you are as an artist. They’re key themes in your music, which is why fans have embraced you so wholeheartedly. Do you credit anyone in particular for helping you own the real you?

AC: I appreciate you saying that! I owe a lot of credit to my soul family! Especially my bandmates Ajay Marshall and Naph Smith! We’ve worked with each other for basically the last decade and they really took me under their wings, brought me into the studio for the first time, and being able to do that really broke me out of my shell! Honestly, there are many ppl I could name that have helped me in one way or another become the person I am today. Always allowing me to just be myself and supported the whole way! They know who they are ❤️