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Emerging British singer-songwriter Holly Wilks has dropped an ever so romantic new single, titled "Stable." In an exclusive interview with Variance, she sits down with Agnius Kazlauskas to delve right into it.

A tender love song at its core, which is something that Wilks herself “never thought” she’d ever release, ‘Stable’ explores the joy that can be discovered within the security of a relationship. As Wilks soulfully confesses love declarations in the chorus (“I don’t need to read the label / The only side effect of you is feeling stable”), her words simply ought to ring true — and it makes sense, considering the song stems from her own life experiences.

“It mirrors my current life and relationship,” the London-based musician reveals straight away. “I wrote the song after we [Wilks & her partner] had been together for a few months, and I think I was just reflecting on how happy and secure I felt in the relationship, which was a first for me.”

Without a doubt, ‘Stable’, which clocks in at three minutes and thirty-seven seconds, is a sincere celebration of love; perhaps, a celebration of love that Wilks had never anticipated for herself prior to putting the pen to the paper. “I always thought that I’d find it scary to fall so in love because, as someone who gets anxious, I generally tend to dwell on all the possible things that could go wrong,” she says. “But I realised that I wasn’t scared at all, and I was really just enjoying all the amazing things and feelings that come along with being in a loving and secure relationship.”

‘Stable’ builds on the introspective sonic landscape previously established by Wilks’s debut track ‘Wired To Kill’ — and it further showcases her multifaceted songwriting abilities. “As well as the obvious factor that one is upbeat and one is a lot slower, they [‘Wired To Kill’ & ‘Stable’] really showcase two different sides of my songwriting,” the singer-songwriter says. “One side being much more introspective and another being much more playful.”

Naturally, songwriting is a skill that improves with practice. However, for Wilks, it was crucial to begin her musical journey on the right note. She dedicated time to honing her craft before sharing it with the world. “I have spent the last few years really focused on improving my writing skills and finding a voice within,” she explains. “Last year, I met Finn — who’s the producer I worked with for all the songs on the EP — and we ended up recording a whole bunch of songs to try and find a sonic identity.”

“I’ve done everything independently for this release and it has sometimes felt like a lot of work and a lot to manage for the fact I don’t know what the outcome will be, and there’s a chance there could be no tangible outcome at all,” Wilks elaborates, highlighting the obstacles that come with being an independent artist.

Despite any challenges faced, Wilks's lifelong dream of sharing her music with the world has only grown stronger. She shares that one of the main things that kept her going and stopped her from giving up was finding joy in the entire musical journey, from writing and recording songs to setting up releases and creating artwork. “It’s all so enjoyable for me and there is no feeling like the way I felt seeing this come together that has almost unknowingly been in the works for the past few years of my life.”

Wilks then goes on to express that the release of her debut single in September marked a pivotal moment in her music career and felt like the result of extensive preparation. “It feels like there’s been a lot of work leading up to this point,” she says. Wilks emphasises that the dedication poured into her art has nurtured a profound sense of assurance and self-confidence in the music she's debuting with, especially since no aspect of the process felt rushed.

Ahead of her, Wilks has an upcoming EP in the works, paving the way for more of her musical journey. When asked about the three words she’d use to describe the upcoming project, Wilks says that her listeners can certainly expect a “heartfelt, earnest, and multifaceted” adventure, capturing that “honest and hard-hitting side to songwriting” she has embraced. Wilks also reveals that the upcoming project “covers a broad range of experiences,” from “moments of humour and playfulness” to “intensity.”

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As Wilks continues to unveil new dimensions of her artistry, from the anxious rumination of 'Wired to Kill' to the celebratory love of 'Stable,' one thing is certain — her passion for honest songwriting remains at the core.

With a four-track EP set to be released this November, Wilks is gearing up for an exciting future that will continue to sharpen her talent for creating heartfelt lyrical stories. For her, the journey has only just begun.