Jess Gleeson

When it comes to ethereal fairy outfits, bubblegum pop, and the colour pink, well, nobody does like Peach PRC. The rising sensation from Australia has mastered the art of delivering infectious pop songs that seamlessly blend nostalgia with a modern approach to music — a testament to the rising star’s shine. 

Her latest single, 'Like A Girl Does', is no exception. It’s a glossy, upbeat track with fully-charged vocals that don’t take long to kick into high-gear and go full throttle.

To celebrate the sparkling release, Peach PRC talks to Variance’s Agnius Kazlauskas about the inspiration behind it, Queer representation, creativity, and what her listeners can expect in 2024.

“It was so much fun writing this one with my good friends Liam Quinn and Carla Wehbe,” says Peach. Indeed, there’s a certain little something that ‘Like A Girl Does’ doesn’t lack — fun, in its purest form.

Those tangled up in the Oz music scene will know that Liam Quinn, simply known as Quinn, is a frequent collaborator of Peach’s, having previously co-written half of the songs on her 2023 EP, Manic Pixie Dream. Speaking of which, 'Like A Girl Does' possesses the same vibrant energy and charm as the six-track project, yet it certainly doesn’t fail to introduce a fresh and elevated sound to Peach's discography.

“We wanted to make a really danceable, up-tempo track,” says Peach. With an infectious BPM of 144 and cheeky lyrics that leave no room for imagination, ‘Like A Girl Does’ has already surpassed over a million streams on Spotify. As Peach claims herself, “it’s definitely a crowd pleaser,” having noticed the public’s positive response to it after performing it at this year’s Spilt Milk.

“Lyrically, it [‘Like A Girl Does’] is pretty direct,” explains Peach. “Girls are so much better than guys in the love department!” 

When it comes to songwriting, Peach reveals that she’s “constantly writing lyrics and poems” from her personal experiences, hence it’s “extremely important” to her that it’s reflecting within art. “I’m such a fan of 2010s style pop,” she adds, emphasising that it’s what she grew up listening to. She then continues by explaining that, as some of her lyrics can “be dark and deep” at times, she aims to deliver them in a less serious way.

Jess Gleeson

The music video for ‘Like A Girl Does’ is, obviously, dripping in Peach’s signature colour, a result of collaboration with Josh Harris. It’s a one heck of a visual extravaganza, taking the viewer on an intergalactic journey like no other.

Harris, another close collaborator, had previously worked on the music video for 'Josh,' a clip that Peach affectionately refers to as her "favourite" thus far.

When it comes to creativity and artistic direction, Peach says that taking the lead is of utmost importance to her. “The label team has been really great and allowed me a lot of creative control over all the creative elements related to my music,” she explains. “When I’m writing the song, I usually come up with a visual treatment for it at the same time, so I will storyboard everything and then we find partners to help me deliver that vision.”

In fact, Peach came up with the original storyboard for the ‘Like A Girl Does’ music video, too — and, according to her, “Josh immediately went into high gear” and elevated her idea beyond her own imagination.

“We also got to include dancers in this clip and I got to work with the team who do all my live shows with me, which made it even more fun,” the Australian singer-songwriter continues. “We use those dance moves in the live set too now.”

There’s no doubt that ‘Like A Girl Does’ is set to become a Pride classic for years to come, just like her previous hit single ‘God Is A Freak’.

When it comes to celebrating the joy of her community, Peach admits that even though she “only recently came out as Queer,” it has a “massive effect” on her life experiences and the songs she now writes, with ‘Like A Girls Does’ being a case in point.

With 2024 just around the corner, Peach's fans can anticipate some thrilling surprises. While she can't reveal too much, she confirms that she and her team have already completed a few songs, and “the first single will be out early” next year. 

Peach PRC’s ‘Like A Girl Does’ is out now. Listen here.