Guarionex Rodriguez

Emerging Brooklyn-based artist Asante Phenix is releasing his new single this week.

The simmering new track, titled "Dangerous," is premiering today on Variance, a preview of the singer's upcoming sophomore EP, which is expected to arrive this year. The song continues Phenix's stake in a unique space, as a first-generation American, whose parents immigrated to Maryland from Ghana, paying tribute to his cultural heritage in his art while also showcasing influence from the likes of Lauryn Hill, TLC and Usher.

"'Dangerous' is all about that 'take a chance' energy," says Phenix. "It's about taking a gamble on somebody that catches your eye. During this quarantine period, I think we've all had a chance to reflect on some of the choices we've made in dating. Maybe some people played it too safe and let something good slip away. This track is a reminder that sometimes you need to act with your heart and not with your head."

Hear "Dangerous" below.