Adam Reynolds

Emerging singer Banah Winn (aka Opus Vitae) is preparing to release his new song "Rich Man."

The stirring new track, which fuses brisk production with Vitae's buttery vocals, is premiering today on Variance. It's a track he calls "a song of hope for the future," which falls in line with the foundation of Vitae's music, to find self-acceptance and empathy for others, something which has been driving the Portland, Oregon native since moving to Los Angeles, where he's now based.

"As the opening line says, the future is the power of love," he says. "Without exception, and despite any uncertainty that 'future' will be different, and it will be greater than the past. In a world where money and action talk, now we find ourselves in a time of pause; where these deeper questions have arisen. That is why this is a song of hope; for no matter what the question or state of the world (pandemic or not) we are forever becoming more, and forever better for it."

Hear "Rich Man" below.