Alline Beatrici

Emerging artist Noah Sacré (aka Speelburg) is ready to share a video for his song "World Is Falling Apart (this version)."

The new clip for the intense, standout track is premiering today on Variance. It comes as the Belgian-American singer continues a steady rise, having had his recent single "Say Hello" featured prominently in ads from the likes of Samsung and Google Pixel.

"We need to keep believing that tomorrow will be better. No matter what," says Speelburg, explaining the new video. "What’s more hopeful than a pony? I’ve started a petition on to change the presidential seal from an eagle to a pony and I eagerly await their answer."

He adds: "I was pretty psyched to make a video that wasn’t all iPhone footage. The directors (Reggie.) did such a great job putting together the 8mm footage they took of Patrick and Lil’ Star and managed to show that despite the world crumbling around us, unlikely friendships are still blooming."

Drawing influence from Beck, Vampire Weekend and Paul Simon, Speelburg has already showcased a spellbinding catalog, with the tropical synth-pop "World Is Falling Apart" only providing further evidence of that. He has also shared an alternate version of the song "World Is Falling Apart (that version)."

Watch the new video for "World Is Falling Apart (this version)" below.