Photo courtesy artist

Emerging singer Ben Scott (aka CASSICUS) will be releasing his debut single "Torn" on Friday, but he's giving fans an early listen.

The fluttering, entrancing new track is premiering today on Variance, delivering a song which is a classic love song with hints of LANY and Twin Shadow influencing the vibrant hook, showcasing Scott's impressive vocals.

"'Torn' is about the struggles and sacrifices you make as a musician when it comes to maintaining relationships, and the yearning I had to win someone back that I was loosing because my touring commitments as a drummer," he says. "I’m a huge optimist and I love short, sharp lyrics crammed into sub-3-minute pop songs with ear-worm melodies, so I wanted to marry the narrative of the song to something that feels uplifting and easy to dance to (I’m a drummer after all). Lemonade out of lemons!"

While "Torn" is Scott's first official release as CASSICUS, he's been active in the industry for years, having previously played and recorded drums for artists like Ed Sheeran and Tom Walter. He currently writes and produces his own music, from his home studio.

Hear "Torn" below.