Anxo Casal

Alt-R&B newcomer EJ Marais is releasing his new song "Glamour Professional," but he's offering up an early listen of the track.

The swanky new single is premiering today on Variance, a preview of the Barcelona artist's upcoming debut album CUTS, which he just confirmed will be released Aug. 28 via La Castanya. The album will include his doubles singles "Better" and "Love.mp3," the latter of which was recently featured on Rosalía's playlist.

"This is the opener of the album," says Marais of the Ekhi Lopetegui-produced track. "It started out with a loop of chords that I had on my computer and then we got Jordi to play them live on a Hohner Pianet that was lent to us by Hidrogenesse. It sounded great! On the chorus Ekhi added a human voice choir that came from a Ensoniq SQ-1, there is really nothing like that sound, we have tried to imitate it many times for the live show and we never get the exact same tone. It says things about the passing of time and how things become old and decrepit, but also, about nature’s capacity to regenerate."

Hear "Glamour Professional" below.