Jeremy David

Singer James Priestner and guitarist Lubo Ivan (aka Rare Americans) are back with a new song "Gas Mask," which is premiering today on Variance with its accompanying video.

The Vancouver duo's new song is one of perseverance and empowerment, about finding the strength to win your own mental struggles. And the animated video only further emphasizes that message, telling a comeback story of a boxer who gets a second chance at a championship.

"We all go down rabbit holes in our minds and can be our own toughest critics," says Priestner of the new song. "We all make bad decisions, we all face adversity, and we all have to learn ways to overcome our own internal battles. This is a song about believing in yourself and finding that inner strength, winning the mental battles between your own ears. It’s an ongoing challenge and I think something every human has in common with one another."

Regarding the video, he says: "It’s the story of a highly touted boxer who gets caught up in the fame, money, drugs, and other vices that are thrown his way. He loses sight of his career and falls down the rankings. It’s a comeback story, as he’s given an unlikely second chance at a championship fight and decides to train harder than he ever has in his life."

The visuals continue the band's ongoing Crooked City concept, and they say this latest video fits in with their past and future releases, even if it's not all immediately clear. 

Watch the new video below.