Photo courtesy artist

Dripping with soul and sincerity, R&B artist BINNY has crafted yet another soothing song for millennials. “Deep End” is an accurate depiction of modern dating and the struggle of exposing your true emotions in the midst of the clouded and judgemental world we live in. Social media is to blame for creating an environment where we only see what people want us to see and we never get to experience people’s genuine feelings or thoughts, ultimately making it harder to express our own affections.

The Maryland artist shares: “Personally, I'm afraid of expressing intimate emotions but this song talks about letting go of any fears and diving into all of those romantic feelings and enjoying it.” 

The new visuals for “Deep End” which were filmed during lockdown, left BINNY to get creative from the comfort of his own home. Continuing the oceanic themes, the musician combined images of rippling water reflecting shimmers of light on a projector, resulting in a hypnotic and spellbinding video. The simplicity of the video, along with the minimalistic instrumentation creates a compelling release, that you can’t help but keep on repeat. 

“Deep End” follows the release of the sultry “Retrograde” which also saw BINNY creating a relatable track for 20-somethings. He has clearly perfected the ability to craft music with identifiable themes, allowing audiences to connect with him on a deeper level. 

BINNY hopes his music may play a positive role in bringing Asian American artists to the forefront of the music industry. So keep an eye out, as we’re sure to be seeing a lot more from BINNY.