Jeremy Pelser

Just in time for the weekend (for those who still keep up with what day it is), South African dream-pop outfit Diamond Thug is here with a brilliant new single "Backpush."

The track is officially out Friday, but it's premiering today on Variance, giving fans an early listen of this shimmering new gem, which is about accepting the fact that we all make mistakes and that's OK. And while it does have a moodier undercurrent, it's hard to ignore the glistening pop energy bubbling over which is perfect for a summer drive down a lonely highway, recalling the massive powerhouse vibe of Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill."

Speaking about the new song, the band says: "'Backpush' is a song about feeling stuck in a self-destructive cycle of one's own mistakes and self-doubt. It's about staring at the sun in the depth of winter, coming to terms with one's imperfection and opting for a more playful attitude in accepting that we habitually fuck up and may continue to do so but that’s part of human nature. We make mistakes. This song is a big release of the pent up frustration of feeling stuck. Sonically it throws back to the 2000s pop-punk we grew up listening to."

"Backpush" follows Diamond Thug's other recent singles "The Woods" and "Empty Streets," as well as their 2018 debut album Apastron.

Hear "Backpush" below and stay tuned for more from Diamond Thug.