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Longtime Variance favorites Dali Bor and Pippo Vari are back. The duo, together known as CHPLN, pronounced "Chaplin," are releasing a new song called "Talk Is Cheap."

It's the first new track in a few years and it's premiering today on Variance, following a hiatus as both Bor and Vari followed other ventures. Coincidentally, the ongoing health crisis and the quarantine in Europe actually gave the pair some time to recenter and work on some new music together, albeit in different locations.

The two friends, who are essentially "brothers from different mothers," are both from Cologne, Germany, and they both previously relocated to South London, although Vari spent a few years in Portugal and is now back in Germany following the pandemic.

"Talk Is Cheap" has a funky undercurrent, which at times feels nostalgic yet crisp and modern. "It's a new beginning," the song's lyrics declare, perhaps indicative of the duo's own new chapter.

For the track, CHPLN teamed up with their good friend Stevie J Jones, who contributed songwriting, additional guitars and production, in addition to Paul Turner, who played bass. They also have more material they've started working on together. Leo Abrahams contributed production and French abstract artist Damien Diaz-Diaz created the song's artwork.

Hear "Talk Is Cheap" below.