Photo courtesy artist

After earlier this year making his debut with his single "The Encounter," newcomer Devin Coogan (aka CHILD) is releasing his second single "Nothing to Say" on Friday.

The experimental pop artist is giving Variance an early listen of the spellbinding track, which we're premiering today. It finds the singer, who was born and raised in New England and is currently based in Raleigh, showcasing his frothy vocals over mysteriously haunting lyrics.

"'Every star is falling down,' I suddenly sang out on the mic. We didn’t need a second take, that was the one. We found our song," says Coogan. "[Co-producer] Bala Mandala and I just finished a conversation about corruption permeating behind-the-curtains of government and Hollywood. Overwhelmed by the dark realities of exploitation, along with our Western-world veneer of ‘entertainment,' we crafted 'Nothing To Say’ as the antithesis to a fraudulent culture."

He continues: "Bala took the production beyond imagination. Then together, we crafted a bright & hope-filled ending—to serve as my reminder: I am meant for more. We, as a people, in this life are meant for more."

Hear "Nothing to Say" below.