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Southern California funk-fueled indie pop collective Nada Robot are back with a vibrant new single.

Entitled "december 1999", the track is inspired by millennials' experience growing up during and after the insanity surrounding Y2K. Addam Farmer with the band confides, "Everything seemed exciting and scary but we were still too young to worry why. The general message isn’t necessarily specific to that time, though. We hope that it can become unique to whoever is listening and serves as an escape to any point in time that feels more carefree despite life’s uncertainties."

The theme of "december 1999" was in place prior to the pandemic but after lockdown the song was finished and recorded remotely with each band member sending ideas for harmonies, guitars and vocals. Featuring a disco inspired backbeat, layered warm vocals and infectious melodies, "december 1999" feels simultaneously nostalgic and new. The track is the band's second single following the futuristic "GOT IT GOOD" released last month.

Take a listen to "december 1999" and remember your childhood.