Lauren Lundy

As the crisp, fall air moves in, Riley Moore is here with his brand new single, which is the perfect way to warm up on a cold morning or escape a deluge of terrible headlines.

The heartwarming new track, titled "Mansion," is premiering today on Variance. Featuring fellow Nashville singer Molly Parden, the mesmerizing track is actually the first single off Moore's upcoming Sweet Boy EP.

"I have a good memory," says Moore. "I remember lots of faces and conversations and details, but there are certain moments that I remember so well I feel I have dipped my face into magical pools of mental teleportation and am living and breathing the moment all over again. The night I met the girl I wrote 'Mansion' about is like that. From the moment that I met her, I became more and more enthralled, drifting further and further down the avenue of enchantment—a street with no turns and no outlet."

He continues: "Shortly after, two of my college pals asked me to join them in Boulder, Colorado while they attended a wedding I was not invited to. While they danced and washed cake down with red wine and IPAs, I observed that my bank account was down to it’s last $30, and wandered about the mountain town in search of the cheapest thrills. In the solace of the Salvation Army store, I noticed a T-Shirt with a hand drawn anteater on it eating some hand drawn ants. There was a little non-smoking type circle but with an ant inside instead of a cigarette, and the words 'Bug Bash 2006.' I knew that the lady of the dead end street would love this ant protesting t-shirt so I bought it at once. With my new t-shirt and my remaining 27 dollars and 50 cents, I sauntered humbly into a downtown park among the grass and the hobos. Armed with my $149 Jim Dandy parlor guitar, the only one I owned at the time that had not been stolen from my East Nashville home, I sat down and wrote this song."

The new music follows Moore's 2018 debut album Vagrant, and "Mansion" is officially out this Friday (Oct. 2).

Hear the new song below.