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New York City outfit My Dear Mycroft is releasing new music this week.

The goth shoegaze trio will releasing their haunting new single "Psyche" on Wednesday, but it's premiering today on Variance ahead of its wide release. The new track is from the band's upcoming debut album Heaven's Entertainment, which is out on Oct. 30 and will follow their previous EPsDinosaur and Wiiiild.

According to the band, "Psyche" was initially inspired by fortune telling and prophecy, while also influenced by the sunrise and romantic poetry. 

"This song was met with a long case of writer's block and the minimalism of the lyrics made it particularly difficult to get the right feel," says guitarist and vocalist Joemca. "It wasn't until one dawn when I let go of trying that everything fell into place. The process affirmed the main theme of the song—that of letting go."

Hear "Psyche" below.


# Nancy K. Gray 2020-10-05 19:20
Hauntingly beautiful. Heart breaking vocals.
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