Photo courtesy artist

Austin duo Me Nd Adam recently released their latest single “Something Better”—declared as an ode to the quarantine hangover, the candid track provides a relatable message of how a lot of people have been coping, or not coping, during the last few months.

Now the two are unveiling the accompanying video—a collection of home video style footage, the visuals follow the guys on their big night out, being reckless and living for the moment, without a care in the world. We see them in their best and worst moments, with scenes of the morning after suggesting that there may be many regrets to be had. 

The light-hearted, jovial video cuts between performance snippets, showing Me Nd Adam doing what they do best. In flamboyant outfits and with flashing lights, they deliver their energetic performance bursting with gusto. It’s a sneak peak into what a Me Nd Adam live show may entail and it makes us desperate to get back to the sticky-floored music venues.

“Something Better” is the third track to be released off of their upcoming debut album American Drip Part I. The duo give their honest opinion on what life in lockdown has been like for them, making us all feel a bit more human and confirming that we truly are all in this together. Adam and Vince share, “You keep waking up every morning hungover and telling yourself you gotta get your shit together but the next thing you know you’re back on the wagon, boozin’ again. You might be self-aware enough to know it’s no good, but you’re too lazy or messed up to actually do anything about it."

Whatever the duo are doing, they’re doing it right and we’re all in for the release of American Drip Part I, coming later this year.