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New York singer-songwriter Spence drops his latest single “Standby (dnt luv u)" - an anthem for millennials dealing with the expectations of modern life. The track is an honest declaration of Spence’s feelings, portraying the struggles of deciding to end a relationship, but through an upbeat, playful lens. 

"Standby (dnt luv u)" features staccato beats, quirky synths and fun, conversational lyrics, creating a lighthearted release dripping with pizzazz. Spence uses relatable lyrics in order to connect with the everyday twenty-something, singing lines such as “I wish the movies didn’t always have a happy ending, I’d win an Oscar for the feelings I’m pretending.” We’ve all been there - desperately trying to make something work to avoid hurting someone, but ultimately knowing it’s not right.

“Standby (dnt luv u)" is the first single to be released off of his upcoming debut EP, Melissa, set to be released later this year. Let Spence be a voice of wisdom - there’s no point wasting time trying to force feelings, just admit it and say those three words… dnt luv u.