Photo courtesy artist

Folk singer/songwriter Nick Kingswell releases his latest masterpiece, “Now I’m Gone.” The Australian born, London-based artist wrote the song the day he realized he had to up and leave his hometown for a better life in the UK. Although it was a tough decision, it was something that Kingswell knew he had to do, singing “it will be easy now you’re alone, easy now I am gone.”

Oozing with rawness and authenticity, the stunning song emits a fuzzy, warming feeling.

Kingswell plucks at your heartstrings with each and every note, while celestial string arrangements and resonating harmonies provide an all-encompassing atmosphere. The songwriter shows us his vulnerability in “Now I’m Gone” with his soulful vocals laden in emotion. However his melancholy tone provides hopefulness, telling us that everything will be ok in the end.

“Now I’m Gone” is off of his upcoming album Brontide. We’re told the album follows a similar theme to his latest single, with even Kingswell’s darkest moments still finding a light at the end of the tunnel. His positive messages are something we all need right now - a hand on our shoulder, telling us everything will be alright.