Photo courtesy artist

R&B artist TONYB. doesn’t hold back his feelings in his latest single “You Knew What This Was.” In fact he’s always open about how he feels and what he wants, unlike other people in his life. The upfront single talks about a “situationship” the singer had and how pain could have been prevented, if everyone was honest from the get go.

The new visuals show clips of the singer amid sensual pink and blue hues, cut between scenes of the Nashville artist dancing and losing himself in the song. “We never said forever” he chants, as he sassily walks away from the drama in his life. 

Oozing with emotion, TONYB. reflects on this complicated time, while his infectious R&B melodies create a dance-worthy track. His warm, fudgey tones get you feeling all gooey inside, while layered vocal harmonies build throughout the track to create an almost haunting result, sending shivers down your spine. Having formulated a mesmerizing song, TONYB. knows just how to catch his listeners attention and keep them coming back for more.