Garson Renner

Bryce Waitkus (aka healer) is setting out to make music which makes a positive impact instead of simply addressing various problems.

The latest example is his new single "Cat's Meow," which is officially out Thursday but is premiering today on Variance, offering an early listen of the playful new cut which is light-hearted and encouraging.

"As someone who has struggled with social anxiety and depression, I feel that I have the kind of empathy and perspective to take on a task of creating music that heals others," he says of his music. "And the larger beauty of this process is that healing is universal; You don’t need to experience some great tragedy to be deserving of love and empathy. We are all healing all the time."

Regarding the new track, he says: "I wanted this song to feel emotional in a very real and simple and relatable way; no dressing it up with dramatic metaphors, poetic devices, or complicated production. I hope 'Cats Meow' makes people smile and dance and think about the people they love. Quarantine has got everyone feeling lonely. But that’s exactly why I started healer earlier this year; so much gloom just brings more opportunity for healing and growing, and I hope this song can be a part of that.”

Hear "Cat's Meow" below and let it brighten your day.