Photo courtesy artist

North London blues artist Georgia Black is desperate to get out of this funk. This year seems to be a series of unfortunate events and a never-ending cycle of negativity and like everyone else, Black wants out. A song about breaking the rhythm and escaping mundanity, the British singer/songwriter delivers the sultry “Repeat & Play” with sexy melodies, smooth vocals tones and clean, polished production. The question we have is, how can she make something so sad, so inviting?

Without delving further into her lyrics, from the surface the song sounds as if it’s the next soundtrack to a 007 movie. Captivating and cinematic, Black’s music bleeds with jazz-infused instrumentation and rich, soulful accents. With lyrics such as ‘I’ve been feeling so numb’, ‘wide awake but I’m dreaming’ and ‘todays the same as yesterday,’ Black confides how she’s trapped deep in this void, while the world keeps spinning around her. She shares, "Ever felt like you’re stuck in the same cycle with your life on repeat? Well that’s what 'Repeat & Play' is about, and lockdown certainly made that feel never ending!"

A slow and steady beat emphasizes this idea of plodding through life, accompanied by haunting backing vocals which are sure to shoot shivers down your spine. It’s safe to say you won’t have heard anything like Georgia Black before, but we’re certain you'll be seeing a lot more from this talented artist.