Photo courtesy artist

Southern California based indie pop singer and composer Elthia creates whimsical releases that meld pop sensibility with her love of classical guitar. Her debut single entitled "i love you but you make me cry" features her unique haunting vocals over infectious electro pop soundscapes. The single is simplistic but in the best way. Elthia has succeeded in crafting a tune that gets stuck in your head and well stays there.

What makes Elthia also unique is the rumor of the strange subject matter to the release. Is the song about an onion or is it about a relationship gone awry? Who knows, but the mystic only adds to the singers allure. Her accompanying visuals are a bit tongue and cheek with vibrant colors cascading around Elthia's face and even tear marks made from a candle. The singer doesn't take herself too seriously, even though she creates seriously good music.