Ian Kirby

After recently releasing his sophomore album The Color of Nothing, indie wonderkid ford. has now shared a set of visuals for his song "Fruit&Sun."

The animated video, directed by Mitch Pond, is premiering today on Variance, offering a bright and colorful accompaniment to the mesmerizing track, bringing to life the song's whimsical undercurrents and flickering samples, and making for an almost therapeutic experience.

“For ‘Fruit&Sun,’ I wanted to create a kind of subconscious roller coaster ride,” says Pond. “I took imagery from the album art and held it in my head while listening to the track until two elements would link themselves to each other and push the idea forward. It wasn’t always clear where the video was headed working that way, but you can’t plan to arrive at an unexpected place.”

Listen to the full album here and watch the new video for "Fruit&Sun" below.