Photo courtesy artist

Tiny Deaths’ Claire de Lune, will take you to other-worldly dimensions with her new EP, If I’m Dreaming. The five-track release is overall dream-pop in nature with subtle influences of her R&B background; together with producer Grant Cutler, If I’m Dreaming is an unearthing of a wonderland of celestial soundscapes.

The novel dream-pop collection contains subtle, fuzzy drums, glistening, reverberated synths and mighty, echoed bass that creates a magical dreamland of feelings, sounds and elicit sepia filtered memories, bringing colorful visuals in your mind. The honest, velvet smooth, breathy and mesmerizingly moreish vocals immerse you in the meaning and feeling of each track. The EP has a glossier, softer glaze to it compared to de Lune’s other tracks. 

The song “If I’m Dreaming” off the EP is utterly captivating. The vocals and lyrics are totally bewitching and vulnerable, with the artist singing “please don't wake me if i’m dreaming, as long as i’m still breathing.” The chorus will make you feel like you're flying amongst cotton clouds, inspiring and relatable.

Unveiling her mental diary to us in her journey of self discovery, de Lune lets toxicity flee and finds peace along the way. If I’m Dreaming is superlunary, fused with topics where the songwriter pours out a lifetime of questions and pain, letting go and finding heaven amongst the hell of challenges in life; from mental health battles to poisonous people and relationships. Tiny Deaths’ star shares "I think in your 20s you're sort of still figuring out what your demons are and how to confront them and in your 30s it's more of the exercise of being able to let those things go, to let go of what no longer serves you.” Go let yourself float off to heaven and contemplate life with Tiny Deaths new EP If I’m Dreaming.