Daniel Christopher

Nashville-based artist Renn is kicking off the weekend with the release of his incredible new single "Fire to My Brain."

The emotional new cut is premiering today on Variance, accompanied by an equally cinematic and stirring set of visuals, reflective of Renn calls his own struggle to "stop my brain from spiraling into complete chaos."

"I think the root of it is a desire to understand and somehow be able to control the situations around me," says Renn. "And when I can’t, I sink further into hypothetical scenarios or what-if’s or replaying things I should have said or wished I could’ve done differently. When that doesn’t work, I turn to primitive escape attempts à la medicines, alcohol, sex, whatever... to find a blip of just shutting it off. It’s a cycle I’ve wanted to end, and the song is more a less an exploration of my attempts to find escape when that happens.”

Watch the video for "Fire to My Brain" below.