Photo courtesy artist

As singer-songwriter Portair continues his steady rise, he's ready to share his new single "Where the Sun Goes Down," which is officially out Friday via Nettwerk Records.

The bright and colorful new track is actually premiering today on Variance along with a lyric video featuring the Aussie artist drawing the artwork. The song is the latest preview of Portair's upcoming The Light That Gives EP, which is out June 25 and follows years of soundtracking popular shows as a songwriter and producer, having had his music and scores placed on series across Netflix, NBC, MTV and CBS. Now, he's ready to step out from the shadows a bit more.

“When I moved to L.A., I wanted to start something organic,” he says. “This project is all my passions I can express in one cohesive art form.”

As for the new song itself, he says: "It’s a personal account of stories I’ve lived out in my own life and the memories they've brought. It’s about not needing a place to call home, except for where you are. Chasing the sun, following it until it goes down, and doing it all again. It’s a missive to people to let go and live. Something that I often have to tell myself."

He adds: "Sometimes when I feel stuck, I look back at everything I’ve done and all the life I’ve lived and it brings me some comfort, knowing that I have followed my gut and given it everything I have."

Hear "Where the Sun Goes Down" below.