Maggie Preller

Albany-based artist Gavin Preller is ready to make his debut with his first single "Wonder."

The enamoring new track is premiering today on Variance, offering the first glimpse of the singer-songwriter's debut album There Is Wonder, which is out May 21 via Shimmy-Disc/Joyful Noise Recordings. The song is accompanied by a video shot by Preller and his sister Maggie at Hollyhock Hollow Sanctuary in Selkirk, New York, on a 20-year-old camcorder.

For Preller, the video's setting and its simplicity serves as a reminder that there is in fact wonder, "always and everywhere." As for the song itself, it's hard not to hear flares of the likes of Sufjan Stevens and Jeff Buckley, proof of just how much Preller's vocals are truly captivating.

Watch the video below.