Brian Van Wyk

Canadian artist Jon Bryant is closing out the week with new music as he is releasing his new song "Seafoam Green Apartment."

The delicate, breathtaking new track is premiering today on Variance, and it offers the latest preview of the singer's newly announced Psychidyllic Salutations, which will arrive Nov. 26 via Nettwerk Music.

"This song is all about dreams that we have," says Bryant. "Dreams of making it and the mountain we have to climb to get there. It’s about not giving up on those hopes and sticking close to the people who you love and love you. It’s about almost moving to L.A. and then COVID fucking up those plans in a big way. The road to a better life is rife with potholes and the occasional dead end. Sometimes the detour becomes the most exciting part."

The reflective offering is certainly a relatable one, but especially in the wake of the last couple of years, it definitely hits differently. That raw sense of emotion, yearning, and aching is evident not only in Bryant's hypnotic vocals, but in his confessional lyrics, which are simply poetic.

According to Bryant, the song draws inspiration from his "insecurities and relationships going through dark valleys…wondering if things will turn around for the good or if my go at this music thing has run its course." He adds: "I think it's mostly about perseverance through the most disappointing, depressing year and a half I’ve ever lived through. It's about never giving up."

Hear "Seafoam Green Apartment" below.