Photo courtesy artist

Indie U.K. artist SK and The Kings is here with new music, and Variance has an early listening.

The riveting, devastating new track is called "831," a jazz-inspired neo-soul cut, which is absolutely brimming with emotion, reflective of the turbulent times which inspired the song. 

“'831' is a song that came out of nowhere," says SK. "I didn’t even know I wanted to write it until I started singing the hook one day in the studio. It came off the back of a tempestuous relationship. I was feeling a lot of different ways and the story just fell out of my mouth.

SK continues: "It’s about being with someone you know is bad for you, that person you keep going back to even though you know the outcome will always be the same. '831' is something we used to say to each other—it means 'I love you.'"

Hear the new track below.