Ian Lipton

As the week comes to a close, Ben Darwish is capping things off with the introduction of his new song "Sleepwalkin," which premieres today on Variance.

The stunning, kaleidoscopic track is a preview of the Los Angeles-based artist's upcoming solo EP, which is expected to arrive early next year. With a very Francis and the Lights vibe, the new music comes as Darwish is finally stepping out into the stoplight after building up quite the résumé, writing and producing for the likes of Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello, BANKS, Misterwives and more.

The song is about being disconnected from reality, always looking for the next hit of dopamine and never being fully present to appreciate what's already in front of you. "We are obsessed with looking into other people's lives to fill the gaps of our own," says Darwish, foreshadowing the upcoming EP.

Hear "Sleepwalkin" below.