Big Dope P, photo by @stapledface

Producer and Moveltraxx label founder Big Dope P is getting ready to release his own debut album MEHLISH on Nov. 12. But first, he's sharing his feisty new single "Jump Out."

The massive new track, which is a collaboration with L.A.-based artist TT the Artist, is premiering today on Variance, and it's the perfect fusion of London-based, Paris-born Big Dope P's bass-fueled production and TT the Artist's rapid-fire lyricism. 

MEHLISH is basically the record my 16 year-old self wanted to hear," says Big Dope P of the album, which is available for pre-order. "It’s also a word I heard a lot growing up and pretty much became a motto. I had a very particular idea of how that first LP should be so I made hundreds of tracks between London and Paris since I decided to do that record back in 2017, and during lockdown last year I took a month in Birmingham to finish 11 one of them that represented the vision I had."

He adds: “I wanted to bring something fresh to the table while still having a body of work that related to what I had previously released. This album is about beating the odds and having fun no matter what life throws at you and is dedicated to everyone who supported us since we started Moveltraxx, from the close friends we tragically lost, to the incredible moments we had touring around the world."

Hear "Jump Out" below.