Riley J. Donahue

Emerging duo Tempoh Slow is getting ready to release their Punxx Noir EP in March, but today, they're offering a glimpse ahead.

The pair is sharing an irresistible new track called "Leave Me Alone," which is premiering today on Variance along with its accompanying video ahead of its official release tomorrow (Nov. 5). And while it leans into a familiar pop-punk sound, it flips the script, looking into the mirror and accepting that "we all have toxic behavioral tendencies," rather than pointing a finger at someone else. And it doesn't hurt that the song is quite simply infectious.

"This track brought the entire project together," says the duo of the song. "On our first EP, I was in a bad place mentally and I need to write without being worried about structure, really get shit out. I was listening to a lot of heavy music, and we had a lot of fun seeing what came out of us naturally. Luckily people cared enough to join in and collaborate."

They add: "'Leave me Alone' is special to me because it allows me to make fun of myself from the outside looking in. So many people write songs from the perspective of getting fucked over, but what if you are the one that is holding on too much? We all have toxic behavioral tendencies that we are subconsciously attracted to, but rarely do people admit that they are kind of fucked up too!. It is also just a way of making fun of myself for being hella dramatic sometimes. I’m a softy!”

"Leave Me Alone" is out tomorrow and the EP is out on March 25. Watch the video for the new song below.