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Glassio is back with new music today.

His new song "If Love Is All It Takes" is out today, premiering on Variance. The dazzling new cut is actually an ode to the burnout of 2020, a song reflective of these strange times yet somehow still a slice of optimism with its forward-looking lyrics and sun-drenched production. 

"The song is bit of an ode to the burnout myself and many of my friends were feeling toward the end of 2020," says Glassio of the new track. "I wanted to work on something that could address that feeling and be an emblem of hope to people who feel like they are stuck in the same place in life, no matter how much of their heart they put into a given situation.”

The new music comes ahead of Glassio's sophomore album See You Shine.

Hear "If Love Is All It Takes" below.