Christian Klein

With just two more days before he releases his new album Down and Out in the Garden of Earthly Delights, Los Angeles-based artist Mike Deni (aka Geographer) is delivering a special, at-home performance of a new song called "Giving In."

The unreleased track is featured on the upcoming album, which is out Friday (Nov. 12) via Nettwerk Records. The song is one inspired by post-breakup heartache, and it's actually been several years in the making, partly because Deni says it is a rather hopeless song.

"This song is one that is very precious to me," he says. "I wrote it after breaking up with a girlfriend many years ago. I was shocked at how sad it made me, since I was the one who made the decision, but love gone is lost, whether you send it on its way, or it leaves you in the lurch. And I got drunk during the day, which I never do, but it seemed fitting to just wallow for once."

He continues: "I went to my piano and wrote this song while I cried. Well, actually I wrote two fragments that day; one was called 'Lonely,' which I released on my Alone Time EP, and the other was called 'Giving In,' which I sat on for many years because I couldn't convince people that anyone would want to listen to a song that had truly no hope in it at all, unless you count the fact that it was pretty."

Watch the intimate performance below.