Tom Hornberger

Rising alt-pop HOLDN is sharing new music this week, with her new single "stone" arriving Friday (Nov. 19).

However, the delightfully haunting new track is premiering a day early on Variance, offering listeners an advanced glimpse of the gritty, dark-pop track, which is instantly beguiling, even if the context is a bit murky.

"'stone' was inspired by the lengths we go to to cage our demons in the daylight, but finding the people whose demons play well with your own in the shadows," says HOLDN. "It’s about learning that your darkness isn’t always lonesome, and loving those who understand it. I was engulfed by the concept of American Horror Story: Murder House; falling in love with someone’s darkness, but having to choose life or love. To be everyone’s...or to be your own."

Despite the admittedly darker overtones, at its core, "stone" is a rather empowering cut.

Hear the new song below.