Matt Hass

After recently releasing his new single "IDONTEVERWANNATHINKABOUTYOUNOMORE," L.A. Rochelle has now shared a video for the simmering, emotional track.

The striking set of visuals, directed by Gwil Doe, is premiering today on Variance, giving further perspective of a song about the duality of denial and the disconnect between the head and the heart. It's a preview of L.A. Rochelle's upcoming CHAPTER 1 : DENIAL / ANGER EP, which is out March 11.

"This music video is dedicated to a friendship that brutally ended with two people who changed my life forever," says L.A. Rochelle. 

He continues: "The L.A. Rochelle project and pseudonym was born from tragedy and this tragedy is expressed throughout the video for 'IDONTEVERWANNATHINKABOUTYOUNOMORE' which explores the first two stages of grief (shock & denial), in three different locations representing the three people involved in the story."

He adds: "I wanted the video to feel heavy but beautiful. Above all, something cinematic. I wanted people to understand that it’s much deeper than just a romantic pop song."

Watch the video below.