Josh Johnson

Ahead of a new album coming this spring, Charlie Reed is sharing a new song called "Your Hair Is Nice."

The captivating new track is premiering today on Variance, and it's the second release off the band's upcoming album Eddy, which is out May 1 via Earth Libraries. And while it's a song about obsession, it's a lot more introspective than the surface level suggests.

"There are two ways to go about writing a song. Well not really but for the sake of this explanation, there’s intensional and unintentional or maybe a combo," says the band's Luke Trimble. "This was an unintentional song that was born from an open chord riff that I was having fun with. It has a song of admiration vibe so I indulged. But a song just about love isn’t enough, it's actually quite boring."

Trimble continues: "So as you can see or hear, it’s kind of a song more or less about obsession. There’s a part that says something about, I’ll even 'drink your blood.' There’s also a part about getting baptized. So in disguise, it’s really a song about how ridiculous christianity is. This is especially relevant to me because I grew up in a very religious family. Homeschooled 1 of 10 kids kind of situation. In retrospect, this song was influenced by my parents, who drove me to despise christianity lol."

Charlie Reed is made up of Trimble, Colin Croom, Nick Beaudoin, Nora Chin, Nolan Chin, Tyler Bixby and Justin Vittori. Watch the video for the new song below.