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After teaming up with the indie outfit ufo ufo for their collaborative new single "Hold My Breath," Matan KG (aka Paper Idol) is now ready to share the video for the track.

While the shimmering cut itself arrived back in January, the accompanying video is premiering today on Variance. The collaboration came together after about a year chatting through Instagram until Reid and Clay of ufo ufo were finally able to meet Matan in person for the first time at his downtown Los Angeles studio.

They had initially hoped to create a decent ufo ufo demo, but that demo turned into a true collaboration, writing a verse in about a half hour.

"It's a song about not seeing equal effort from your partner in an attempt to repair the relationship," says Clay of ufo ufo. "But I honestly didn't know that until Matan sent me his verse. We sent production ideas back and forth for a few months until we finally decided we had the final product. He also sent the original idea for the drop and I knew immediately that we had exactly what we were looking for."

Clay continues: "We wanted every moment of the song to have a fresh element of some sort, so in the second drop I added some melodic plucks to lift it a bit. After writing the bridge, I told Matan we should have the third drop be a little more of a 'breakdown' moment at a slower tempo. He took a few days and sent back arguably the best part of the entire song. And that was it. Matan has been such a joy to work with."

Paper Idol has been working on the followup to his Mania Days EP, which is expected this summer. Meanwhile, ufo ufo is plotting their own upcoming debut EP. And it's likely there's more material from the two artists to come.

Check out the new video below.