Luke Reyvn, photo courtesy artist

Just in time for the weekend, rising alt-pop artist Luke Reyvn is giving us his gritty new single "White Lies."

The new track, which is a collaboration with singer-rapper and TikTok star Lil XXEL, is officially out Friday but it's premiering on Variance today. The artist grew up in Hawaii, where he also faced run-ins with the law, ultimately pushed family and friends away, and dropped out of college, before immersing himself in music as a means of artistic expression while also providing comfort for youth struggling with alcohol and substance abuse, feeling alienated and searching for a place to belong.

“I’m so excited for everyone to hear ‘White Lies,’” says Reyvn of the new song. “It’s a super fun and high-energy song, which highlights the hardships of dating in the modern world. The song talks about wanting to be with someone even after they have broken your trust and reflects the situation of wanting something that’s not good for you. Love is a rollercoaster and so is 'White Lies'! So strap in and enjoy the ride!”

See the video for "White Lies" below.