Only hours after premiering her new song "L8 CMMR," Lily Allen has shared the official video for "Air Balloon," a track presumably off the singer's forthcoming album.

The clip envisions Allen in some kind of fantasy world, where she gets to hang out with zebras and cheetahs, and where giant mushrooms come out of the ground like in old Nintendo games. There's also a giant crucifix seen soaring through space at one point, which will likely get some attention.

Take a look below.

UPDATE: As we mentioned previously, the crucifix towards the end of the video has some fans perplexed. One fan tweeted: "Love the new air balloon video! so trippy! what does the crucifix mean at the end? :)." Another advised a friend regarding the clip: "There's a weird crucifix at the end of the video, bit random. She looks gorgeous though!"

And they weren't the only ones. Perhaps Allen will soon explain the meaning, as it was clearly meant to stand out.