A 12-year-old boy at JAY Z's show in Greensboro on Sunday night caught the rapper's attention with a sign that read, "Can I rap for you?"

Jay invited his fan, named Justin, on stage to do just that, watching as he performed the clean version of the hip-hop mogul's "Clique" verse, only to be interrupted by Jay, who asked him to proceed without the "drug-dealing cousin" line.

The gutsy young fan then asked JAY Z if he could hang out with him backstage, to which Mr. Carter agreed, albeit clearly surprised by the kid's audacity.

Women Run Over Man, Steal His JAY Z Tickets

As TMZ points out, Justin and his mom has attended JAY Z's show in Charlotte but were unable to get the rapper's attention. Luckily, they managed to nab tickets again, and this time, it worked out perfectly.

Watch the exchange below. It might make your day.