UPDATE (01.07.14): "Coming of Age" will be released for purchase next Tuesday (Jan. 14), according to Amazon.

Foster the People gave fans something to get excited about on New Year's Eve, debuting a brief video sampling new music.

The 44-second clip utilizes a track titled "Coming of Age," which the band performed live earlier this year. As we previously reported, the Mark Foster-led outfit is expected to push a new single (presumably "Age") to radio in January—which just so happens to be hours away in the U.S., all of which will lead up to a new full-length album, eyeing an early 2014 release.

Foster said last month that the album is very "guitar-driven," while the new material is also allowed to "breathe and grow and turn and take left turns and not come back if they want to. So it's a brave record."

The album has been ready for some time already, but according to Columbia CEO Rob Stringer, the label moved it to early 2014 because it didn't want the album being swallowed "by fourth-quarter competition" in 2013, adding that "the record’s so beautiful."

Listen to the first studio sample, and as Kurt Trowbridge points out, you can also watch Foster the People perform the song live—both below.