Kanye West definitely will not close out this year quietly, having even gone on a rant during his Phoenix show on Tuesday.

While rants during concerts are typical for West, who was recently named one of Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating People of 2013, this latest aside takes issue with his shortage of GRAMMY nominations this year (Yeezus received two nods, for Best Rap Album and Best Rap Song), specifically its absence from the Album of the Year category.

"I'm 36 years old and I have 21 GRAMMYs," the rapper proclaimed. "That's the most of any 36-year-old. Out of all those 21 GRAMMYs, I've never won a GRAMMY against a white artist ... Yeezus is the top one or two album on every single list but only gets two nominations from the GRAMMYs. What are they trying to say? Did they think I wouldn't notice? Do they think in some way that I don't have the power to completely diminish all of their credibility at this moment?"

At that point, the crowd began stirring with anger and booing, to which West responded: "Only positive energy, only positive vibes." Within seconds, he said that his reaction when people congratulate him on his nominations is, yelling, "Fuck those nominations!"

He then proceeded to encourage people to follow their dreams.

As an added thorn in West's side, South Park on Wednesday unveiled a clip for its season finale, which sees a character resembling West referred to as a "recovering gay fish." In the clip, the Aquaman-like character defends his "beautiful fiancée" Kim Kardashian against rumors that she is a hobbit.

See both videos below. Rant begins around 10:00 on the second clip.