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There are plenty of reasons to feel gray these days, but Canadian outfit Dizzy has just released a new song which seems like a perfect antidote, likely because it's inspired by heartache.

Their new single "The Magician" arrived today, a balmy dose of sunshine taken from an experience of loss. It's a preview of their upcoming album The Sun and Her Scorch, which is out July 31 via Royal Mountain Records. Quite simply, the song is irresistible, even if its origin is a emotional one.

"The song is about wanting to magically bring a friend of mine who passed away back to life," says frontwoman Katie Munshaw. "To me, ‘The Magician’ reeks of naivety and innocence in a way that really hurts my heart. Hoping she’ll walk into my gig at the local pub, hoping to see her mom at Sobeys just to remember how similar their laughs were. Hoping for magic. It’s a really emotional song for me but is masked by tricky, pretty production to make it sound almost joyful."

The band initially had plans for a video, but because of social distancing efforts, they brought on Marty MacPhearson to help create a set of visuals from isolation. 

The video can be seen below.