Artwork courtesy Atlantic Records

Two rising acts, Winona Oak and ELIO, have joined forces in honor of International Women's Day on Monday to release a glowing new track.

Along with an accompanying video, they've shared their new song "Nobody Loves Me," a blissfully heart-rending song which serves as a reminder that your mental battles and feelings of loneliness and anxiety are valid and normal.

“Do you feel like your anxiety is like an invisible barrier that you just can’t break through?” asks Winona. “Did you forget that social media isn’t real and are spending way too much time comparing yourself to perfect people living their perfect lives online? Well, at least you are not alone in your loneliness. Sometimes I feel like I’m completely isolated from the rest of the world, like I’m a prisoner of my own mind. I just can’t help but falling into falling into me."

She adds: "This song is here to remind you (and me) that any small step you take is a step in the right direction. Call a friend, hug your dog, clean your house, go for a walk, have a friendly conversation with a neighbor. Help yourself and others too. It might feel like nobody loves you today but remember that tomorrow is a new day, a new gift and tomorrow could be different. One day at a time because you deserve to feel love and light again, my friend.”


Watch the video below.